Nathan Lowman

Daniel Larkin

Introducing New HSO Staff Members Nathan Lowman and Daniel Larkin


The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is delighted to announce that Second Violinist Nathan Lowman has graciously assumed the pivotal role of orchestra librarian. Tasked with the meticulous organization of musical scores and parts, Nathan will provide all music needed for performances and maintain the orchestra’s extensive collection of parts and scores. Simultaneously, we extend a warm welcome to Daniel Larkin, our newly appointed staff accountant. Charged with overseeing the daily financial operations, Daniel will play a key role in managing banking, cash disbursements, receipts, and General Ledger reconciliation. Together, Nathan and Daniel embody a commitment to excellence and a promising future for our organization. 

Nathan Lowman, a versatile and accomplished musician, currently graces the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) stage as a Second Violinist. Residing in West Hartford, CT, Nathan’s musical journey has been marked by a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to the orchestral arts.  

Beyond his performing with the HSO, Nathan is set to embark on a new chapter as our Music Librarian. Drawing from his rich professional experience, which includes a significant stint with the Oregon Mozart Players in Eugene, OR, Nathan has honed the skills necessary for this dual role. As a Librarian, he has experience with sourcing and ordering music, meticulously organizing and distributing materials—not to mention ingeniously navigating challenges posed by the pandemic—all while fostering effective communication with conductors and fellow musicians. 

Nathan’s educational journey, culminating in a Master of Music from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Music from Vanderbilt University, underpins his technical prowess. Nathan’s technical acumen and musical talents will undoubtedly come together in a masterful performance in this role. His dedication to the craft is further attested by his ongoing collaboration with esteemed organizations and conductors, showcasing his ability to harmonize technical proficiency with artistic expression. 

Daniel Larkin, a seasoned accounting professional with over 20 years of experience, has recently become the trusted accountant for the Hartford Symphony. Daniel brings extensive expertise in financial management, tax planning, and business administration to his new role. He earned a Certificate in Accounting from Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA, In 2001. 

Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Larkin Accounting Inc. in Worcester, MA, in November 2015. As President, he successfully managed a team overseeing 175 individual and 25 corporate clients until the firm’s transition in April 2020. As Vice President at Paul D. McHugh & Company, Inc., Daniel played a pivotal role in day-to-day operations, handling tax returns, payroll, and bookkeeping. Previously, at Alfonso P. Puccio PC, he honed skills in bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns. From the start of his accounting career in 1998 as a Staff Accountant at John E. Larkin, CPA, in North Andover, MA, Daniel consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence that will make him a valuable addition to the Hartford Symphony Orchestra’s financial team, ensuring its financial success and stability. Daniel lives in Middletown and collects vinyl.