The Hartford Symphony Orchestra believes passionately in making diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization a core value. This value is born of the conviction that inequity, particularly regarding race, ethnicity and gender identity, is an unacceptable barrier to effective and lasting community engagement, and artistic vitality.

We demonstrate our commitment through our actions and our desire to make sure we are representative of our community. This includes deliberate actions relating to:

  • diversifying programming by considering race, ethnicity and gender identity in the composers whose music that we perform.
  • ensuring ethnic, racial and gender diversity in selecting guest artists and conductors.
  • expanding community access into by providing programming to students and community organization at low or no cost.
  • ensuring an equitable workforce by expanding our recruitment of staff and musicians to underserved populations.

We believe in “music for all”. For more information, contact our Director of Learning and Social Impact, Andrew Robbin.