Robert Hoveland

Assistant Principal

Robert Hoveland is a chamber and orchestral trombonist active throughout New England. He currently sits principal in both the Plymouth Philharmonic and the Cape Symphony, assistant principal in the Hartford Symphony, and sits second in the New Bedford and Vermont Symphonies. Robert maintains a large private studio on the south shore and also teaches for the conservatory arm of the Cape Symphony. In addition to his orchestral work, he recently finished his second cd with the Bala Brass quintet who were also the brass quintet in residence for BUTI during the summer of 2017.

Originally from Plano, Texas, Robert stems from one of the largest and most renowned public arts education programs in the US. He completed his undergraduate degree at the Eastman School of Music in 2007 studying with Dr. John Marcellus and Mark Kellogg. He received his master’s degree from the Butler School of Music, University of Texas at Austin in 2009 under the tutelage of Dr. Nathaniel Brickens. In 2013, he received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University, studying under Don Lucas.