Goal 2: Education

Enhance education support by $2,000,000

Music’s effect on children is undeniable. Discovering the power of live orchestral music can be a rousing experience, and learning how to play an instrument requires discipline, focus and critical

listening. These fundamental skills are essential for creative thinking, confident social relationships and exemplary academic performance.

Increasing cutbacks in arts funding for public schools heightens the continuing need for music education.

Our impact is vast: during the 2016-17 season, the HSO engaged with more than 15,000 children throughout Connecticut, and countless adults broadened their horizons through education experiences and community programming.

And the future is exciting: your support will help produce new, vibrant initiatives like “Listen, Share, Celebrate! – Making Music Together”.

This multi-disciplinary platform for collaboration will pair the HSO with creative community organizations like HartBeat Ensemble and the Connecticut Historical Society to achieve the following:

  • Listen to each other’s stories and histories – who are we?
  • Share aspirations, challenges and culture – what makes us who we are?
  • Celebrate our humanity, unity and the joy of making music together – we are one!

An investment in HSO education and community engagement programming enables us to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages – and helps foster vibrant communities!

Join us and explore how your gift will help build a vibrant future for the HSO and our community.

Browse the site for campaign updates and to read inspirational stories from donors. Examine our case statement for support, the leadership profiles, our updated list of donors, and the options available for you to join Music Builds Community.

Kathy Peet

 “As an instrumental music teacher in the Hartford Public Schools, I have seen students inspired by the Hartford Symphony performances, leading them to dream of one day performing at the Bushnell. The power of live music cannot be underestimated and the Hartford Symphony offers an invaluable tool for students to aspire towards a musical future.”

Kathy Peet

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