Make a Donation of Stock

Gifts of appreciated stocks or property are particularly advantageous from a tax point of view, especially if you own appreciated stocks on which you would have to pay long-term capital gains tax. Because each tax situation is different, please consult your tax adviser about making a gift of stock.

If you have decided to give stock, the process is very simple: Ask your broker to electronically transfer the gifted securities directly to the Hartford Symphony Orchestra’s Account:

HSO Account # 3304 7272

DTC #0141

Brokerage account is WellsTrade

Our Tax ID Number is 06-0637319

Additionally, please note our address:
Hartford Symphony Orchestra
166 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

You or your broker must notify the HSO Development team in advance of the transfer, providing us with the stock name, number of shares and the donor name. Often, that information is omitted when the shares are transferred, and we want to be able to properly credit the donor with the gift.

Please notify:
Deb Shulansky Assistant Manager, Donor Engagement, at 860-760-7302 or Eric Hutchinson, Director of Development, at 860-760-7321.

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