Our Mission: 

To enrich lives and community through great music.

Our Vision:

  • Be recognized/admired in Connecticut and beyond as the premier orchestra
  • Be focused and responsive to the needs of our patrons and other stakeholders
  • Be a source of civic pride
  • Have a culture and values that demonstrate:
    • Collaboration and trust
    • Commitment to growth – both artistic and institutional
    • Confidence in our ability to succeed

Our Values:

Criteria by which we will be measured:

  • Excellence – To foster a joy of music and an appreciation of its transformative power, the HSO subscribes to the highest standards of orchestral music performance and experience.
  • Engagement – To develop a relevant, customer-centric organization which builds deep, meaningful – and hopefully life-long – connections.  HSO pledges to listen and be responsive to and positively engage with our patrons, musicians and other stakeholders; to meet pertinent community needs (e.g., education, healing, etc.) and to work with all parties in a spirit of collaboration, partnership and inclusivity.
  • Creativity – Both to maintain the enthusiasm of traditional audiences and develop new and ever-expanding audiences, the HSO must embrace “creative abandon”; it must be bold, adventuresome and inventive in the production of diverse and dynamic programming and experiences that both honor the music and successfully cultivate the next generation of orchestral music lovers.
  • SustainabilityTo assure the HSO’s perpetuity and a rich cultural life for our community, the HSO commits to financial, musical and institutional stewardship.  While respecting the HSO’s traditions and musical heritage, we must embrace a culture of adaptability – – achieved through knowledge of state-of-the-art industry trends, innovation, technological savvy and a tolerance of responsible risk-taking.
  • Integrity – To honor the contributions and participation of all HSO constituents, the HSO commits to respect, accountability, transparency, honesty and