The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is partnering with noted DEI specialist Joelle Murchison, founder of ExecMommyGroup, to conduct a diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment of the entire organization and lead training workshops on unconscious bias and related topics with musicians, staff, and board members.

Joelle Murchison’s  experiences are unique and position her to be able to effectively navigate organizational dynamics and personal challenges which might prevent an individual or organization from maximizing its opportunities. Her goal is simple: to ensure that strengths and opportunities can be leveraged to the greatest potential using diversity and inclusion as the foundation.

Joelle holds an undergraduate degree from Brown University, and two master’s, from Harvard Graduate School of Education and Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, respectively. She has found a way to incorporate all of her interests – education, inclusion, organizational development, policy, and communications – into her work, some of which has been with the University of Connecticut and The Travelers.

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra believes passionately in making diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization not only a priority but a core value.  Inspired by the tragic events in our country that have exposed deep and painful divisions, the HSO is making key commitments in five essential areas to bring our conviction to life and effect systemic change, which can be found here. The five areas are: representation and recruitment, training, programming, equity and access, and transparency and communication.