UPDATE Regarding HSO Concert & Event Cancellations

The events of the last 24 hours in regard to COVID-19 preparedness and mitigation have certainly been fast coming and dramatic.  I am sure you are all familiar with Governor Lamont’s 3/12/20 Executive Order including a ban of all gatherings of more than 250 people through 4/30/20.  Obviously the ban has far reaching effects on the HSO and our broader community.  Between now and early June we have 69 concerts and events, then the Talcott Festival 6/26/20 – 7/24/20.   Some notes on concerts and events in the near term:


  • 3/13-15/20:  MW6, Dvorak’s Eighth, is cancelled**
  • 3/18/20:  Discovery2, Exploring Emotions, is cancelled
  • 3/28/20:  Pops3, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is being rescheduled
  • 4/8/20:  Discovery3, Link Up, is in flux.  We are in close contact with Hartford Public Schools with the hopes of rescheduling once the ban has been lifted and schools are back in session
  • 4/17-19/20:  MW7, Rachmaninoff & Tchaikovsky, public tickets have been halted, as it will be impossible to present a concert in the traditional manner at The Bushnell.  We are considering all alternative possibilities for presenting this program, additional updates will be provided as they become available
  • 5/2/20:  Bravo Gala, several options are being considered, ranging from a virtual gala to rescheduling
  • March – April:  All non-Discovery concert education and community engagement events are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but it is notable that many local school districts have been closed and/or are moving to distance learning options.  We will be in touch with the small ensembles on an individual basis with notification of cancellations or postponements
  • All other, regular concerts and events in May – June are currently scheduled to proceed as planned, subject to change
  • Ticket holders for all cancelled concerts are encouraged to exchange without fees, donate back to the HSO, receive a credit, or if necessary, receive a refund

** All HSO musicians, guest conductor, HSO stage manager and assistant will be paid in full for all scheduled MW6, “Dvorak’s Eighth” rehearsals and performances.


Additionally and very importantly, out of an abundance of caution and concern for all Bushnell and HSO employees as well as the public, Bushnell CEO David Fay has made two important decisions.   First, The Bushnell will be closed to all public performances through April 30 regardless of audience size.    And second, beginning Monday, March 16, the entire Bushnell facility will be closed and all administration functions will operate remotely through Tuesday, March 31.  During this time period (3/16/20-3/31/20), HSO administrative employees, (as well as Bushnell employees), will work remotely from home.  Some additional notes about administrative functions during this time period:


  • All departments will be operationally capable of providing service to our various customers and communicating effectively
  • HSO box office will function transparently with phone service, online service, etc.
  • Bushnell box office will function transparently as well and provide back-up service to HSO
  • You may reach HSO admin employees by email or calling their usual office phone extensions, although response time may be a bit slower than usual
  • Many admin employees have HSO laptops at their disposal, The Bushnell has made additional laptops available as needed and special arrangements have been made for those using personal IT equipment
  • The Bushnell will be “deep cleaned”
  • The Education Coordinator recruitment effort will be paused


In the coming weeks there will surely be many changes in our community and HSO operations.   Regardless, we will get through this difficult period as a team.   We are in a relative position of strength, benefiting from a very strong first half of the season and a high performing orchestra, Board of Directors and staff.  The Bushnell has provided excellent support and I am sure will continue to do so.   Thank you so much for your professionalism, dedication and unyielding support!


Steve Collins

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