Frequently Asked Questions (Discovery Concert Series)

How do I make a reservation?
What is the admission fee?
Where are Discovery Concerts held?
When will I receive tickets?
If I send my reservation in early, can I get the seats I want for my kids in the hall?
When will I get written confirmation of my reservation?
Students who were projected to attend the performance can no longer attend. Can I deduct their tickets from the total cost?
I have additional students who can attend. Can I bring them and pay for their tickets later?
Can you give me a refund if a student is absent?
We have to cancel our attendance at the Discovery Concert. Can you give me a refund?
When will I receive the Teacher's Guide?
What time should we arrive at The Bushnell?
How long are the Discovery Concerts?
Can I bring a camera?
Can we bring food to the concert?
How do you accommodate special needs students?
My group wants to stay to eat lunch after the concert. Is this possible?
Do I have to arrange for my own transportation?
Bus Parking Procedure
Entering the Theater
Leaving the Theater
Rules of the Hall
I have a question that's not on this list. Whom do I contact?