Goal 1: Endowment

Increase endowment by $6,000,000

Music Builds Community will add $6,000,000 to three endowment Funds benefiting the HSO. A well-managed endowment provides a reliable source of funding.

You may choose to make a gift to the Symphony’s Restricted or Unrestricted endowments. Or, you may choose to contribute to a fund that has been created at Hartford Foundation for Public Giving for the benefit of the HSO.

Earnings from all endowments will utilize a spending plan to create a source of perpetual funds. When successful, $300,000 will be distributed annually for the operation of the Symphony.

Join us and explore how your gift will help build a vibrant future for the HSO and our community.

Browse the site for campaign updates and to read inspirational stories from donors. Examine our case statement for support, the leadership profiles, our updated list of donors, and the options available for you to join Music Builds Community.

“You feel like you’re one with the musicians, and they’re one with the audience. Music makes you happy; it makes you sad. It moves you.”

Carolyn Kuan
Music Director