Info for Teachers – Chamber Orchestra

Busses (Please create signs for your busses)
  • We will arrange for parking meters along Capital Avenue and Trinity Street to be bagged or designated with a “no parking” stake, making it easy for your busses to park.
  • Instruct your bus driver to park the bus first, and then have the students walk to The Bushnell. This helps us avoid two problems:
  • Pre-show and post-show traffic jams on Capital Avenue
  • Confusion when students look for their bus
  • If your bus is carrying an individual with special needs, instruct the bus driver to stop at the brick courtyard on Capitol Avenue and drop off only the special-needs individual, along with a chaperone. The bus should then proceed to one of the bagged meters and park. The other students should then walk to the theater. (Please inform Sarah ahead of time if you are bringing a student(s) with special needs so seating can be planned accordingly).
  • In the excitement of attending the concert, it can be easy to forget where your bus is parked. Please make a mental note of where your bus is parked.
Entering the Theater
  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Bushnell staff members will be posted outside the theater by the brick courtyard on Capitol Avenue. Let one of them know which school you represent.
  • Once inside the theater, other staff members will direct you to your seats.
  • Seating will be determined based on: (1) special needs; and, (2) the date on which we receive your completed form.
  • You will not receive actual tickets. You will receive both a confirmation email and invoice which will state the number of seats you have purchased for the performance. Bushnell staff will seat you appropriately the day of the concert.
Leaving the Theater
Please remain seated at the end of the performance. A Bushnell staff member will dismiss students by school. An orderly exit helps ensure safety and avoids delays.
Rules of the Hall
  1. All students, regardless of age, need an escort to leave the auditorium to use the restroom or for any other purpose. Ushers will not allow unattended students to exit without an adult escort.
  2. Anyone leaving the auditorium during the concert will have to wait for an appropriate break in the program to re-enter. People re-entering may not always be able to go back to their original seats depending on the program and may be asked to take available seats in the back.
  3. Groups arriving after the start of the concert will be seated at the discretion of the House Management.
  4. No cameras, audio-video or other recording devices, cell phones, digital games, or music players should be brought to the concert. Use of any of these devices is prohibited in the hall.
  5. A chaperone will be required to sit in the front row with any group seated on an upper level.
  6. Please arrange children in a desired seating order prior to entering the building. Once seating load-in begins, students must quickly move straight across, down the rows. We cannot wait for certain classes to sit with each other, etc., as this causes traffic jams. Once a group is seated, teachers may move individual students within the section.
  7. No one is allowed to sit on the floor or in the aisles at any time.
  8. No hats may be worn inside the building.
  9. No gum, food, or beverages allowed in the building.
  10. Schools will be dismissed from the stage. Please stay seated until your school is called.

Please email any questions or concerns to education@www.hartfordsymphony.org

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