We thank the following individuals who made a Tribute Gift as of 10/06/20


John Beers
Webster Bank Volunteer Recognition Program

Linda Beers
Betty and Joe Foy

Curt Blood
Janice & Steve Barshay

D. Weston Boyd
Susan R. Adler

Mary Brainerd
Joseph and Karen Hewes

Ted Bruttomesso
Dougie & Tom Trumble

Eleanor Neiditz Caplan
Lynn & John Wadhams

Maite Coyotl
Jeffrey Alan Johnson

Ann Drinan
Mr. John Rose

Karen Fagerburg
Ms. Anne H. Allen

Rose Gaidos
David Barnes
Mariyn Perry

Jennifer Jainer
Evan Buchberger

Laura Kane
Betty and Joe Foy

Jeff Krieger
Peggy & Bob Clark

Carolyn Kuan
The Alsop Family Foundation
Laura Broad

Pam Lucas's Birthday
Andrew and Virginia Koski

Miriam Oelbaum
Tal & Jo Schifter

Thia Ploubides
Roberta Sailing

David Roth's birthday
Jean & Larry Berkwitt
David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc.
River Oaks Foundation, Inc.

The David Roth Family for the Holidays
River Oaks Foundation, Inc.

David and Linda Roth
Barbara & Ted Sergi

David and Sharon Sherwood
Robert Sherwood

Ruth Sovronsky
Marta Ostapiuk
Tal & Jo Schifter

Anne Stowe's retirement from the orchestra
Dr. Sid & Joy Glassman

John Charles Thomas
Susan Robbins Namerow
Ronald Coons
Jerry and Lynn Gage

Anne Elizabeth White
Christopher White
Siobhan Fitzgerald
Michael Oakleaf
Susan Sellars
Laurie Sellars

Cindy and Al Ash
Raymond Farrell

Lucinda Ash
William Borchert
Timothy & Janet Ellsworth
Norman Hirsch
Philip & Starr Sayres
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Bruce A. Bellingham
Deborah Walsh Bellingham

James Boyd II & Dorothy Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Brewster B. Boyd

Mrs. Beryl Cantor
Yale Cantor

Steven Christy
Theresa Christy

Charles Coe
Margaret J. Coe
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Margaret Crombie, a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the HSO for many years
David Crombie

Eric Dahlin
Carrie and Mike Stockman

Elizabeth Davenport
Anthony Davenport

Dr. Jean-Claude Desmangles
Dr. Leslie and Gertrude Desmangles

Joan Eddy
William L. Eddy

Richard J. Fairbrother, DMD
Merle & David Trager

Tracey Gabree
The Gabree Family

Richard and Joanne Gates
Suzanne Gates

Joseph Z. Gauches
Kathy Gauches

Deborah Grenier
George and Deborah Grenier

Dr. D.P. Hatch
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Hatch

Bruce and Susie Hayden
Lynn & John Wadhams

Louise Healey
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Carrie & Jonathan Hammond

John Heiser
David & Joan Positano

Sister Kathleen Hennessey, RSM
William and Jane Tait

Louise B. Herring
The Family of Louise Herring

Gil Hershman
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Edward D. Hurley
Priscilla Hurley

Isador Janowsky
Robert Anderson

Attorney and Mrs. Hugh M. Joseloff
The Joseloff-Kaufman Family

Peter W. Kalika
Joyce Kalika

Dr. Richard Kates
Dr. Burton and Carol Cunin

Mark Keough
Carolann Aspray
Alexander Bosso
John, Toni & Patrick Dupuis
Matt Fisher, Charles Fisher & the Fisher families
Jack Haberle
Jamison Lodge No. 447, I.O.O.F
Ellen & Mark Lescher
Franklin Todd Renz
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Susan E. Thompson
Art and Linda Tucker

Mark Keough; a wonderful colleague with an exceptional zeal for life
Margaret Jackson, Mel Watkins, & Jill Crone

Vincent Lionti
Sarah Colonese

William Moore
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Francis D. and Marcella A. Moran
Michael J. Moran

Mrs. Rachel Myrick Richardson
Rev. Joseph Devine

Linda Orange
Mr. Jeffrey A. Zyjeski

Johanna W. Orchard; my mother, who shared her love of music with me--her greatest gift Camma Orchard

Lou Ouellette
The Ouellette Family

Nita Perlini
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Myron J. Poliner
Josephine Trotta Poliner

Rosemary E. Ptachcinski
Ms. Judith Jorgensen

John Rafferty
Rebecca C. Rafferty

Ethel Ratne
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Al Reiner
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Ruth Schloss
Ms. Ruth Solomkin

John Suisman
Nancy R. Savin, Erica Willheim and Yohanna Willheim

Elizabeth L.Thomas
Mr. Richard Thomas

Theresa Tracy
Alan Tracy

Jeannie M. Urillo
Mr. Anthony L. Urillo

Julie Verney
Kathleen Babeu
Shirley & Stewart Bliss
Eileen Bonetti
Mary and Dave Butler
Beth & Watson Collins
Val E. Dumais
Lynne & Richard Fletcher
Gloria Gorton
Carrie & Jonathan Hammond
Jerry & Barbara Hess
Brook & Charlotte Jason
The John and Gail Langenus Family Fund
Ms. Margo Pullman
Ottilie M. Smith
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Jean Whatmore
Gary & Diane Whitney

Ruby Vipler
Ed Vipler

Anita Wilson
Caroline White

Shirley W. Zbikowski
Mr. Francis Zbikowski

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