Scribing the Void

Scribing the Void

Scribing the Void

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Real Art Ways, Hartford
7 pm

 Pale Blue Dot
Bach Excerpts from Cello Suite No. 1
RSM Void
Stravinsky Excerpts from L’Histoire du Soldat
Stravinsky Pulcinella

Carolyn Kuan

Led by HSO Music Director Carolyn Kuan, Scribing the Void will be a special performance featuring HSO musicians in both large and small ensembles throughout the gallery spaces of Real Art Ways. This concert offers a unique blend of visual art and intriguing music, vibrant performers and an intimate and social audience experience, all at one of the coolest venues in Hartford.

The evening will feature new music by living composers including London-based composer Roger Goula’s Pale Blue Dot. This meditative and resonant piece refers to the iconic photograph of Earth taken by the Voyager 1 space probe. Void, written by composer RSM, was inspired by the monumental sculpture Scribing the Void, on view at Real Art Ways. The sculpture, created by artist Kurt Steger, was transcribed from a Central Park boulder. The composer RSM was then invited to write a piece of music, which he did by placing the 2-D representation of the boulder’s surface onto the musical staff.  The result is a four-movement piece, with each movement representing one of the faces of the boulder (North, South, East, and West).

The concert will also feature fresh, innovative interpretations and staging of classic pieces, including Bach’s energetic Cello Suite No. 1 and Stravinsky’s retrospective Pulcinella and his virtuosic L’Histoire du Soldat, all showcased amidst the beautiful and thought-provoking art exhibits at Real Art Ways.

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