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The reasons people support Music Builds Community are personal, inspirational and heartfelt. Please learn why MBC is important to them by clicking on the name of a donor listed below.  

  • Angela Griffin

    “The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is the premier arts organization in the State of Connecticut.  The HSO exudes musical and artistic excellence and it spreads joy in our community as an outstanding representative of the rich culture and fabric of our community.

    As an arts administrator and as a classically trained musician, I appreciate the high level of quality programming and the expert musicianship of our music director and our orchestra members.

    I am committing to the endowment because the HSO represents the best of the best and yet it takes the time to reach out into our community, opening doors to the next generation and ensuring that beautiful music is available and accessible to everyone.

    The HSO makes our community stronger and it creates and promotes artistic expression through live audience experiences. I am proud to be an HSO Board member and a lifelong supporter of this organization.”

    ~ Angela Griffin

  • Barbara & Jerry Hess

    “Our love of the arts has been a major focus of our social life since we first met. When we moved from Maryland to Connecticut in 1987, we were immediately impressed by the number and quality of the many cultural entertainment opportunities available to us. While the Hartford Symphony Orchestra provided us with our favorite type of entertainment, i.e. live performances of classical music, we also enjoyed our visits to the Hill-Stead Museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum, the New Britain Museum, the Hartford Stage, the Hartford Ballet, and the Connecticut Opera. When these last two organizations had to close due to lack of funding, it became very clear to us that none of the arts organizations will survive unless they receive substantial financial support from the community, including donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

    We enjoy the many program options that the HSO provides, including its Masterworks series, the Sunday Serenades, and the POPS! series. However, in addition to supporting the HSO because of our love of this beautiful live music, we are also supporting the HSO because of its commitment to providing music education for children, and the HSO’s community engagement programming in libraries, health centers and other public venues in the Greater Hartford area.

    The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is a real gem and one that this community cannot afford to lose. We hope that you will join us in contributing to Music Builds Community. In doing so, you will help ensure that our community will be able to enjoy performances by the very talented musicians of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra for many years to come.”

    ~ Barbara & Jerry Hess

  • Mathew & Valerie Jasinski

    “We support Music Builds Communitybecause no city can be a great city without a great orchestra. The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is a gift from those who came before us, and it’s a powerful testament to how much those people cared about this place. We care about Hartford, too. And we want to ensure that our children and generations to come may experience the transformative power of live, symphonic music performed by an orchestra that Hartford can proudly call its own.”

    ~ Mathew & Valerie Jasinski

  • Rebecca Corbin Loree

    “The HSO is a leading cultural asset in Connecticut and a significant contributor to the richness of the Greater Hartford region. Through our collective passion for enriching lives and community through great music, the Symphony will continue to be a positive force and the Music Builds Communitycampaign is our opportunity to support this important mission.”

    ~ Rebecca Corbin Loree

  • Arthur Masi & Dr. Brian Hentz

    “Because we believe in the incredible emotional benefits and spiritual rewards that live music offers to any community, my spouse and I enthusiastically support “Music Builds Community.” Especially in today’s technology-dominated culture and the ever-dwindling federal and state support of art institutions, individuals in position to do so must step up to recognize, preserve, and celebrate the craft and dedication that each musician brings to the HSO. On a personal note, I have been privileged to be a member of the HSO for the past 38 years, and this gift to “Music Builds Community” helps preserve HSO as a cultural asset for future generations.”

    Arthur Masi & Dr. Brian Hentz

  • Bob Murray

    I can’t envision a community without an outstanding orchestra to thrill us with the music we have enjoyed throughout our lifetime, both symphonic and pops, and expose us to new musical experiences.

    I can’t envision a community where there is not a force to broaden the appeal of great music to new audiences.

    I can’t envision a community where there is not a coordinated effort to bring great music into the lives of young children and begin a lifelong appreciation.

    That’s why I contributed to the Music Builds Communitycampaign…to help sustain the work of the HSO today… and why I made a significant legacy gift, to help assure we never have to envision a community without the HSO.”

    ~ Bob Murray

  • Jeff Verney

    “Day in and day out, the magnificent Hartford Symphony Orchestra makes a tremendous difference in the lives of people living in the Greater Hartford community. One of the things I love best is to look at the joyful faces of people after they have attended an HSO event, whether it’s the faces of children after they have interacted with our musicians in schools or at concerts; the faces of patrons who have just heard another phenomenal performance at a concert; the faces of people who are in medical facilities who have been transported by the music played by small groups of HSO musicians; or the faces of individuals who have heard HSO musicians perform in private homes. Music indeed builds community, and I am confident that the community will strongly support the HSO through the Music Builds Communitycampaign.”

    ~ Jeff Verney

  • Michael Wheeler

    “I support Music Builds Communitybecause live music IS community! Would you want your kids or loved ones to grow up in a city without live music and 99% dependent on prerecorded music? That would be like sentencing them to eat canned and packaged foods for the rest of their lives! It is a serious quality of life issue. I don’t want to imagine the capital city of our state without a professional orchestra!”

    ~ Michael Wheeler, HSO Principal Viola

  • Diane Whitney

    “The Hartford Symphony Orchestra, for me, is far more than talented musicians performing.  I think that classical music played by a symphony orchestra is a stunning example of what our civilization is all about.  It is our best hopes, most powerful emotions, and most profound thoughts all communicated through music.

    The HSO is important to me because it brings the music of the world right to our doorstep, played by musicians with great talent and dedication. In addition to music I have always loved, I am grateful for the opportunity to hear a new composer’s work or perhaps an exotic instrument I’ve never heard before.

    Music Builds Communitywill ensure the HSO will be there for me and for everyone seeking the wonder of performance in the future. For this reason, I’ve made my commitment to MBC, and I hope you will as well. Giving our children and grandchildren experience with great music is a priceless gift.”

    ~ Diane Whitney

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Leonid Sigal

“Music Builds Community is much more than a catchy phrase. It’s our chance to impact people’s lives.”

Leonid Sigal
HSO Concertmaster

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