Investing in the Hartford Symphony Orchestra

We are so grateful to the donors who have come forward to support Music Builds Community and its goals. The HSO thanks them for their generosity and leadership.

Symphony: $1,000,000 and above

  • The Edgemer Foundation, Inc.

Rhapsody: $500,000 – $999,999

  • Hermine J. Drezner and Jan Winkler
  • David M. and Linda Roth
  • Stanley Black & Decker

Concerto: $250,000 to $499,999

  • Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Overture  $100,000 – $249,000

  • Ruth Ann and Joel Davis
  • Robert and Francine Goldfarb
  • Pierre and Mary Ellen Guertin
  • Morton E. and Irma Handel
  • Gerald and Barbara Hess
  • The Elizabeth M. Landon and
    Harriette M. Landon Charitable Foundation
  • The Jim and Rebecca Loree Foundation
  • Matthew Lynch and Susan Banks
  • Robert and Lynn Murray
  • Sharon and Frank Travis and The Travis Foundation
  • Jeff and Pam Verney

Serenade: $50,000 to $99,999

  • Anonymous
  • Bruce Barth and Pamela Yeomans Barth
  • Arnold and Beverly Greenberg
  • John and Gail Langenus
  • Charles B. Milliken
  • Paul F. and Linda S. Pendergast
  • Gary and Diane Ransom
  • Mrs. Peter Russell
  • Zachs Family Foundation

Capriccio: $25,000 – $49,999

  • Tom and Melanie Barnes
  • Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.
  • Joyce and Harold Buckingham
  • Karen Saunders and David Cass
  • Brook and Charlotte Jason
  • Carolyn Kuan
  • Christopher and Janet Larsen
  • Pamela Lucas and John Nealon
  • Jim and Nancy Remis
  • Dr. Andrew and Patricia Salner
  • Mary T. Sargent
  • Keith and Catherine Stevenson

Sonata  $15,000 – $24,999

  • Weston and Joann H. Boyd
  • Andrea and Bernie Clark
  • Marta and Luis Diez-Morales
  • Rosemary and Scott Gaidos
  • Mark and Marianne Hayes

Cadenza: $5,000 – $14,999

  • Keane and Rebecca Aures
  • John and Susan Beers
  • Linda P. and Theodore J. Bruttomesso, Jr.
  • Eleanor Caplan
  • Angela D. Griffin
  • Ken and Ruth Jacobson
  • Mathew and Valerie Jasinski
  • Sylvia and Harvey Kelly
  • Mr. Arthur Masi and Dr. Brian Hentz
  • Edwin and Patricia Shirley
  • Karen and Howard Sprout
  • Gary and Diane Whitney

Minuet  $1  – $4,999

  • Alexander Aponte
  • Jillian Baker
  • Jennifer Berman
  • Adam and Abby Boyles
  • John F. and Marla Byrnes
  • Alfred R. Casella
  • The CLSJ Foundation
  • The Collins Family
  • Doug Donato
  • Ann Drinan & Algis Kaupas
  • Patrick and Christine Egan
  • Miriam Engel
  • Dr. Colette Hall
  • Joyce Hodgson
  • Julie Jarvis
  • Gerald and Nancy Lemega
  • Brad and Don Noel Family Fund
  • Warren and Florence Packard
  • Jeremy Philbin
  • George J. Sanders
  • Amanda Savio
  • Marina and Leonid M. Sigal
  • Howard and Ruth Sovronsky
  • Steve West
  • Michael and Ruriko Wheeler

The High Note Campaign

The High Note campaign, an essential predecessor to Music Builds Community, created a vital stabilization fund for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. We gratefully acknowledge the following generous donors for their support of High Note.

High Note Supporters

  • D. Weston and Joann H. Boyd
  • Ronald and Nancy Compton
  • The Edgemer Foundation, Inc.
  • Lawrence Harris
  • Gerald and Barbara Hess
  • Mathew and Valerie Jasinski
  • Brook and Charlotte Jason
  • Robert E. and Margaret Patricelli
  • Claire M. Pryor
  • David M. and Linda Roth
  • Dr. Andrew and Patricia Salner
  • Jeff and Pam Verney

“I want to ensure every child experiences the beauty within the music I help create. We must provide these opportunities for all future generations.”

Barbara Hill
Principal Horn

Join us and explore how your gift will help build a vibrant future for the HSO and our community.

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