Margreet Francis, Principal, Piano

photo-francismnewWhen her kindergarten teacher wrote, “plays nicely with others”, little did she know what that would mean in life. Today, Maggie* still plays nicely with others, musically that is. Unlike many pianists who enjoy the solo recitals and the many long hours of solitary practice, Maggie enjoys making music with fellow musicians, be that in the form of chamber music, accompanying, orchestral work, or multiple pianos. That’s not to say that she doesn’t enjoy an occasional moment in the limelight with a solo performance with orchestra.

Originally from a Dutch family, Maggie grew up in the Washington DC area, where she not only played piano but also harpsichord and bassoon. After doing her schooling at Eastman, New England Conservatory and The Hartt School, Maggie landed in Hartford and has stayed ever since, playing with the Symphony since 1980.

Maggie spends most of her days at The Hartt School where she is Co-Chair of the collegiate keyboard department, Co-Director of Performance 20/20 (Hartt’s Honors Chamber Music Program), and Chair of the Community Division piano department. She regularly performs with fellow faculty members, including the Miami String Quartet. She has been known to cook up a Monster Concert** at the University every few years.

Maggie loves to teach and is very proud of the achievements of her many students. But she (along with her husband, Alan) is even more proud of her two kids, who have blossomed into wonderful musicians and are following their parents into the musical world.

* Margreet: the Dutch spelling for Margaret. Pronounced: marcgchrrrrrate. Maggie is easier to say.


**Monster Concert: A ludicrous event featuring as many pianos and pianists as possible.

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