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First Rehearsal and Nosh
About First Rehearsal and Nosh: While invited dress rehearsals in the concert hall are common, outsiders are rarely permitted to observe inside the rehearsal room. Even musicians who have played the repertoire previously view the first rehearsal as the start of a critical creative journey, when the Music Director’s interpretations (or those of a guest soloist) are explored. Musicians take notes, scribble intensely on scores, and begin the process of choosing the techniques and sounds that ultimately shape the version of the great music we hear in the concert hall. Starting this spring, on three separate occasions, donors will be invited to be a ‘fly on the wall’ at the Woodland Street Rehearsal Hall to observe what happens when the HSO musicians play through Masterworks concert pieces for the first time. Before starting rehearsal, donors and musicians are invited to mingle and enjoy a light pre-rehearsal breakfast “nosh.” To learn more, please contact

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