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Carolyn Kuan, Music Director

Welcome to The Hartford Symphony Orchestra, your source for great live music, rewarding music education programs and other music events in the Hartford, CT area.

Beethoven 5+5

December 8-10, 2023

A double dose of Beethoven! Under the direction of renowned composer and conductor, Gerard Schwarz, the HSO performs two monumental pieces by the ultimate icon of orchestral music. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, “Emperor” will feature pianist Orion Weiss, a performer described as “simply breathtaking” by the Herald-Tribune.  Symphony No. 5 is one of the absolute cornerstones of Western classical music.  Built on an unforgettable and deceptively simple four note motif, there is no truer definition of a classical “master work”.

Holiday Cirque!

December 16, 2023 | 3 PM

There is no better way to celebrate the season than with the magical music of the holidays performed by the HSO, set to astonishing acrobatic feats by members of the renowned Cirque de la Symphonie. These amazing aerialists, contortionists, and gymnasts will tumble, soar, and dance on and above the stage, all while the HSO performs your festive favorites.

Elf in Concert

December 22 -23, 2023

Buddy was accidentally transported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised to adulthood among Santa’s elves. Unable to shake the feeling that he doesn’t fit in, the adult Buddy travels to New York, in full elf uniform, in search of his real father. This holiday season relive this heartwarming holiday classic on a giant screen as every note of John Debney’s wonderful score is played live to picture in: Elf in Concert!


We are dedicated to the thoughtful SHARING of BEAUTY, to the belief that the collective experience of live music lifts the spirit with a sense of awe & WONDER, and that the COMMUNITY formed in these gatherings are bonded by a universal language and a contract of unspoken values that continue to grow beyond one experience. Because it’s music—after all.

Music for all.




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